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The decision to get a divorce might be one of the hardest to make. You may have children or perhaps a family business and a life built around being married to someone. An individual may opt to have a divorce after exploring the pros and cons of that decision, and sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks. If so, a conscientious conversation with an experienced divorce attorney can be a significant asset.

When your decision to get a divorce is final, you have an opportunity to make other decisions for the benefit of your loved ones and to protect your own best interests and rights. Attorney Sehar Hirani opened the doors of her own practice in Houston, The Hirani Law Firm, PLLC, to help her family law clients make informed decisions. Her mission also includes fighting for the rights of the parties involved, with a particular interest in caring for the little ones caught in the process.

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From the first consultation with attorney Sehar Hirani, she will explain what you can expect during each step. When filing for a Texas marriage termination, the law includes no-fault divorce justifiable solely on the grounds of “insupportability.” However, an individual may cite reasons like adultery, living apart, and others to file for a divorce.

Other components of divorce include:

  • Division of marital assets – Property acquired during the marriage will be subject to a division based on criteria such as who will be the custodian parent and other obligations. The attorney can assist you in learning which assets are subject to division and protect your interests.
  • Custody and visitation – Child custody is called “conservatorship” in Texas. Parents can draft a parenting plan to be submitted for approval by a family judge. Otherwise, all decisions will be up to the court to define the type of guardianship that best meets a child’s best interests.

Every family is unique and requires highly personalized solutions. Attorney Hirani takes her time to learn all the details of your case and your expectations to develop a legal strategy for you.

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